Dear students

By participating in this graduate program, I believe that you will both improve your academic qualifications and acquire skills that will be useful for your career.
We are particularly pleased that, since the first year of its operation, the Graduate Program (GP) was selected by graduates from a wide range of fields. We live in a society that increasingly requires co-operation and interaction between scientists of various disciplines. Consequently, one of our main goals is, during your graduate studies, the collaboration and interaction between students that have different academic background. We will try to strengthen the spirit of cooperation, to support your desire to acquire new knowledge and skills as well as to help you envisage your career after graduation.
Your academic tutors will be always available to discuss your problems and help you with your choices. On behalf of the faculty members of the GP I welcome you to the Department of Chemical Engineering and I wish you a prosperous study and a pleasant stay in Thessaloniki.

 Coordination Committee of Graduate Study Programme

Vassilis Zaspalis, Professor, Director of Graduate Study Programme

Andreana Assimopoulou, Associate Professor, Associate Director of Graduate Study Programme

Christos Chatzidoukas, Assistant Professor

Ioannis Tsivintzelis, Assistant Professor

George Karapetsas, Assistant Professor

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